Trunks Gm Application :)

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Trunks Gm Application :) Empty Trunks Gm Application :)

Post  -Trunks-Uchiha on Sun May 03, 2009 4:47 pm

Hi iam Trunks applying for GM in this wonderful game heres my Info Very Happy

Contact Me at: or AIM(iam mostly on AIM) eldesacatojpc
Byond Key: -Trunks-Uchiha
Name in game:Trunks,TrunksII,or TrunksIII
Real Name:JeanPaul Cintron
Location:New York City Razz

I think i should have GM because iam gm in alot of games such as DA about to be one in Dbz ws and others i have alot of experince in games like this and i would like to help players out when they need it

I be on all the time expect sometimes on weekends cuz of parties and such but i will get on later at night

Well theres my application see ya on game Very Happy


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