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my gm application

Post  Mav472 on Tue May 05, 2009 8:36 pm

In Game Name:Masd

How long you've been playing:for about 2 years

Experience:Yes i have a lot of experience as a gm

How good do you know the rules? I know the rules really well. I understand them and i follow them also. I know them by heart.

What are some of your talents:I can make icons fairly well i have done some codings and another talent is making friends and being social.

Level of Admin: I am applying for level 3,4 or 5 admin

Why do you want to be an Admin: I would like to be an admin because i have the experience for it, I am very social with people, I understand the game and the rules, I respect other gm's/owners and players. I am hardworking, i am full of effort and commitment, I wont ignore people, i will enforce the laws. I am mature, i can spell and I don't enjoy punishing people rather than teaching them to learn from their mistakes. I am a leader and i intend to lead players to a better worlds strongest.
I hope you find this application to your liking I get along with alot of players. I want to help out wit all the bugs. When there are no Gm online people abuse and i want to stop them. I've been trusted to be Gm for plenty of games. I never use powers wrongly. I want to help out players because im on all the time and some needs help and there be no Gm around. Trust me please!I wont abuse my position.
I will treat everyone fairly and i will respect allI love this game and I think it would be even better if I was a game moderator. I can help the noobs and watch other the server for you while you're gone. So make me GM and your game will be epic greater than it already is! I Think that i deserve this opportunity of being a gm. I'm tired of other gms abusing their powers by booting people because they dont like them or anything else like that. If im a gm ill make sure that other gms dont abuse their powers. I'll listen to someone if they need help and help them with their problem. I think that im a very helpful and kind person. I dont like to punish people but i would like to help them instead.
I'm not afraid of saying whats on my mind or listening to whats on other people's minds. I am also mature. I can spell and type fairly well. I enjoy making friends and being social with people. The reason most people break rules is because they dont know the rules. I can help people with that. I hope that this application will be approved and i can start helping.
would like to be a gm because I think The Game Needs Help Because Some times Players Get Crazy and out of line. When That happens,i want to be there to make it Right.I always Follow The Rules Because I know They are There to Keep The Game And Other Players And Myself Safe. I'm Looking To Be A level 4 Admin And Work My Way up From There. I know it Takes A long Time To get promoted,so i will not ask the staff about promotion.
I want to be an Administrator because I feel like I belong at that rank. I am of course mature even though I am a tad young. I want to help out the Players and the Owners as well. If I become owner, I'll do anything possible: answer questions or fix your problem. I love to help out and it makes me feel great whenever I have done a good deed.
Well I'm Generous, Hard Working,
I Don't Abuse, Plus I Will Try My Best To
Make This Game The Best It Can Be Ever! I am good with people and i can
cooperate with others really good. I also watch my mouth at the places i am.
I am also willing to take my time and be patient with others and help them has much
has i possibly can. I wont stop helping.I am also nice and love spending my
time with others and socializing.I think i can be of good help to this game,
I am respectful to all no matter who or what they are everyone should be
treated equally.I would love to help u guys take care of the problems other
people might have so u don't have to do it.I can be has much help has u want me to.
i took my time to make this application.I also applied because i think
i can be of use in your team and can be a good roll model to the people in game. If i didnt already say it, i will repsect, follow and make sure every one else in the game listens to the rules. So please give me a chance and i promise you wont be sorry.

Thank you for reading
P.s i can also host sometimes


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