My long GM APP

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My long GM APP

Post  DBZ unle on Sat May 09, 2009 11:45 am

HI. I really want to become a GM dbzsillhouette.I am a HUGE dbz fan. I dont really have exp. being a GM but i hope i can learn i will not abuse my power i will use it to help people from hacking, glitching, spaming, etc. And if somebody is doing anything like that i will boot or if i must ban. im not real smart when it comes to computers but i know people who are. i dont get angry that easely but when i do get angry i dont start yelling or cussing or any of that.Im usually nice and i will try my hardest to keep my cool.Im geting alot of help from Hate and Itachi.So I hope i can become a GM soon.

DBZ unle

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