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Post  airmax187 on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:02 pm

Instead of sending a few emails a week to Coach Handbags a handful of friends, you can send dozens of messages a day to hundreds of people who know you, or just barely do.No need to spend time writing a long email to your half-dozen closest friends about how your vacation went. Now those friends, if they're interested, can watch it unfold in real time online.It's annoying enough when girls do it, but a guy who texts with emoticons may as well be wearing a skirt." The Frisky:coach bags Having great e-mail chemistry is not enough.
The service allows users to send 140-character messages to people who have subscribed to see them, called followers.So instead of sending an email to friends announcing that you just got a new job, coach purses you can just tweet it for Coach Handbags send dozens  6918-6172-88413 all the people who have chosen to 'follow' you to see.A flirty text leads to twitterpations galore,"coach factory outlet says Megan. Jennifer, who just started seeing her new man, says, "Out of the blue at random times he will text 'thinking of you' and it just makes me happy.
The only thing texting is good for is sexy coach outlet handbags talk to rile him up while you're on your way to meet up.You can create links to particular users in messages by entering @ followed by their user name or send private 'direct messages' through the system by typing d and the user name.Though she dramatically claims texting has ruined her love life, bawdy coach outlet stores Selina says it can be fun, within certain parameters.


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Coach Handbags send dozens  Empty Re: Coach Handbags send dozens

Post  chanelbags179 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:59 am

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