A Few Sugeestions

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A Few Sugeestions

Post  DragonballZ91 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:30 am

1: The easiest suggetion i think and it would be popular is well i have seen dogs around the game and dinosuars well you could make a pet seller and sell the dogs dinos, snakes and the tigers etc as pets i think that would be cool.

2: another suggestion is another world were players who break 500,000 or 1 million can go as like an ulitmate world were they r trained by characters in the series like pikkon, goku, cell, frieza and others. they can hold tournys etc and its like a world of the elite. this would be harder to make but it would make people want to lvl higher which would make everyone in the game want to be better.

3: Individual player house. i dont no if this is already in the game but houses which players could buy for a certain amount that is just for them. it could have alike a training gym, grav room, fun area and dinner area. other players could only get into the house if they were invited. it would be cool

i thinks these could be good to be put in the game ofcourse you dont have to use them but i think number 1 would be a really cool feature and it would probally not be that hard to create.


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Re: A Few Sugeestions

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