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GrimmJow's Administration Application. Empty GrimmJow's Administration Application.

Post  wtrbooger on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:22 pm

Hello My Name in all byond games is "GrimmJow" My key is "Wtrbooger" I Curently own 5 games 2 up and 3 under works. I am good at iconing maping Interface Desinging Coding. Ideas, trust me if you can actualy make the things of my ideas this game would surpass akkk the others but ima save most for my games lol anyways. I do my job very good. Im a awesome enforcer and also i run games very good i can get a game a good population and provide great things for the players i dont abuse any of my powers if there are any verbs i ever know myself of ever useing is summon, teleport, revive, you know al the basic things that admins are aloud to do i dont edit or cheat or treat other players specail.

I am also a so so good a graphics but if i realy want to do it for a game i like the graphics would turn out very very good.
I could also provide a new male base for this game, they are all made from scratch and trust me they look awesome! You can trust me with just about anything im on everyday i dont hesitate to help a player in need. I would always obey my higher ranked enforcers Do as caommand. I am also a very good hub designer so if you need that i can do it for this game!

Im not one to rip from another game unless ist's something like turf code you know but i actualy learned how to do them. Im a basic coder though i suk sometimes. So Any rank is fine to me as long as im a admin for this awesome game. So please hire me i have alot of experience as an admin for byond games. please hire me Wink
Thank you yours sinceraly yours, GrimmJow


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