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Post  Souler on Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:52 am

Full Name:J'moi
In Game Name:Souler

Gm Experience:
1.Dragonball Universe(Level 2)
2.Dragonball Z Fight For Supremacy(Level 3)
3.Dragonball Z Dark Apocolypse(Level 6)
4.Dragonball Z Total Destruction(Owner)
5.Dragonball Z Sr(Level 3)
I am a Really good Gm,never abuses any powers at all.If i did abuse my power everytime i got gm i would totally kick my self in the balls.There is more times i have been admin but i just can't remember the others but those are the main ones that i have rememberd so far.I have been all kinds of admins before you name it.

Information:I am very polite and positive or disobey the rules like some people do all the time and everday,before i even mute or boot people i warn them.I am not harsh at all.I have some anger issues yes but only when people curse my family or curse me.

Why would you want me as Gm:I help every body i can,and players in need.I am everything you could want in a gm,i have a good personality.I do everything in my power to even help the owner and the game itself.


Why do i want to be Admin:I would want to be a gm to help players and give them what i can do for them.Helping everybody in need,i like to help people that are in need of help.But as always i do my best that i can do.I belive this game is pretty awesome and it can be the best game on byond if people just give it a try.So i want to make it better than it already is.

Pce and Thanks for Reading my Application.

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