Admin/Moderator Application for Matei876

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Admin/Moderator Application for Matei876 Empty Admin/Moderator Application for Matei876

Post  Matei876 on Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:16 pm

I think I would be a good moderator well one reason is I will respond when players need help and I have a lot of Gm/Moderator experience. One thing I am fond of is rules because they determine fair justice to people. Often as when I have been on BYOND games much like this one I am experiencing spam, abuse, being a pest to everyone. I do not stand for those things at all and people will be punished if rules are broken because they are created for the good of everyone.
Thank you for reading and have a happy holidays
_____________________________________________________________________________Some questions to think about. Why do you think I should think I should have this job? What would you say I would say is my biggest flaw? What could you say to make me say to make you make me make you think that I am good for this job? Were do you see me seeing myself in one month?
Some information you might need to know. Email: BYOND key: Matei876 Ingame names: Roflcopter, Chris Naki, Zhunge Wei


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