Lord Nekomata's GM Application of Awesomeness.

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Lord Nekomata's GM Application of Awesomeness.

Post  Nekomata on Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:17 pm

Sorry if this is sloppy because i don't have a Template to work with this will be hard , anyway continuing on.

Key : (Main)Diobora , (Side)NekomataYaji , (Side)LordNekomata
InGame Name : Lord Nekomata

Experience : I'm Currently a GM at a DA server , think that this server has more potential , because it has NICE graphics and nice GM's ( Lady [No] Luck ) i can map , and little iconning , and little coding.

Other : I Can be Very active , except when i sleep , i can be very nice and i will have a nice temper , never get mad and i will never abuse the GM Commands if i receive them.

What Position : Anything Thats Available , I Was thinking the lines of 4 - 6 .

Why i Want to Be a GM :
Because this game is very awesome but i bet sometimes you have those people who want to be all big and bad and Disobey Rules , i believe in , 2 warnings a boot , if they come back and do it again , IP Ban. , and That GMs should Belong to a Guild that shows who they are , or their Title or a [GM] Tag in their name.

Other : i can give ideas for future help towards the game , like shorter Snake way , more rooms to train in , and a whole map for Training. called something like TrainsAlotIsland or something something Snappy.

More :
I can Be Contacted at nekomatayaji@yahoo.com or My Key Diobora , thanks for reading my application to DBZ Heros Reborn.


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Re: Lord Nekomata's GM Application of Awesomeness.

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