Lord Omega's GM application.

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Do you think I should become a GM? (I'm very curious of what people think of me.)

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Lord Omega's GM application.

Post  omega on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:07 pm

Key name: shishkabob

In-Game name: Lord Omega

Why do you want a GM?

I want to become a GM because I want to make sure all the rules are followed, and if not I will give the player (who broke the rules) the consequence associated with the rule there person broke. Also, I want a to be a GM so I can monitor the whole game, more carefully and read everything people say to make sure it has nothing to do with breaking the rules. My last reason for wanting to be a GM, is that if there ever is no GMs on, I can be held responsible to look after the game.

What experience do you have that will help you as a GM?
I have played games before, where I have been in a higher rank than most people, in some cases I was an owner in a game, respected and not hated amongst my players. As you see I have plenty of experience in this kind of stuff, and I also know the responsibilities of this.

Do you think you would be a good GM? If so, why?
I might be able to be a good GM, and this is why I THINK I might make a good GM:

1. I am on a lot for large amounts of time. (3-6 hours a day)
2. I enjoy being nice and helpful to everybody.
3. I read everything in the chat box. (To see if anybody is talking about something that is against the rules.)
4. I am aware of the rules, and consequences associated with the rules.
5. I am loyal to all of those who are a higher rank than I am. (I also respect ALL players.)

I hope you can consider me as a GM


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Re: Lord Omega's GM application.

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