Gm application of Emonquente

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Gm application of Emonquente Empty Gm application of Emonquente

Post  Emonquente on Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:22 am

Key: Emonquente
Years on BYOND: Actively, about 2, registered since 2004.
Age and profession: 20, university student

Reason for application:

I'm also applying as a host, and if selected for that, then it would make sense for me to have base GM capacities. Mute being the mostly likely to actually be used. I've no desire to toy around with any GM commands this game may have, simply have the capacity to maintain my own server if granted one.

Rules are important, and poor communities developed from free-running children ruin games, the ability to enforce these rules, and so maintain the community must fall into someone's hands -- and if running a server I absolutely feel it my obligation to fulfill that role. If not in my own server I'd still be perfectly willing to do the job, for the same reasons, just if not applying for host position I wouldn't consider it important whether or not I were to apply for this position.

Capacity to serve:

Currently on Summer Holiday so I am quite free most of the day to be full or half serving the office. Certainly no less than 3 hours spent, but likely much more.


Honestly, none. I haven't been a GM since I was 15 and that was for a game that likely doesn't exist anymore. Still, I do know how to keep to rules, both for the players and the position of a GM, and frankly understand that the position of a GM is more of a burden than a game, but burdens can be enjoyable to fulfill. I am therefore still confident in my ability to serve.

Apart from that, I've been a manager (at a restaurant) and, well its basically the same thing. Dealing with inappropriate customers, then inappropriate employees, and keeping relations with your higher-ups in tact. Its not easy, but it is simple.


I honestly enjoy good communities as much as the games themselves, and can be found to be quite loyal to those that are deserving. I am attentive to micro-management (paying attention to the chat for instance) in communities, and moreso do all that I can to be helpful to all players, and maintain myself as an approachable persona -- disregarding my post's inherent tendency to cause pride.




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Gm application of Emonquente Empty Re: Gm application of Emonquente

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