SouL KiLLeR's GM Application

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SouL KiLLeR's GM Application Empty SouL KiLLeR's GM Application

Post  Soul Killer on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:18 pm


In-Game Name:SouL KiLLeR

Age(Note: Used to Assess if your mature enough for the spot):17

Time Zone:Central Time Zone

Usual Times when online:Monday-Sunday 10:00 AM-1:00 AM

Reason for wanting Admin:I feel that I could help the game by Watching it and making sure no one breaks the rules and helping people if they need help. I don't get in the way of another GM helping a player who need's help(all GM's need more experience so they can make better decisions on certain things when needed)

Past Games you were Admin/GM on:DBZ DA- Level 1 GM on shadows server, level 5 GM on namekian's server, level 100k on sephiroths server, level 2 on goku's server. Dragon ball unlimited Level 4 gm (currently),Dragon Ball Unknown-level 5 GM, DBZ World's Strongest-Level 2 GM.

Any other info you would like to share with us:I do not Or will i ever abuse in any shape or form.

Thank You for reading my GM Application

Soul Killer

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SouL KiLLeR's GM Application Empty Re: SouL KiLLeR's GM Application

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