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Post  Cipher on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:15 am

Thanks for looking! Anyway, here's my GM application. Most of the GMs already know me, and I haven't really been cheating, one time I dual trained with someone who was trying to cheat but didn't know it at the time, and Pyre and Doob said it was okay. And now for the actual app.
Why I think I'd be a good GM:
I have some experience as I said earlier. Also, I know that I can't go crazy as a GM, and I won't try out every verb when I'm bored. I might change weather once in a while, but no real harm done, right?
Razz Anyway, I'll try to help other players if anything goes wrong, and I will answer all their questions. Such as, How do you get IT and How do I transform to this ect. Also, sometimes I see people with a problem that I can't fix, and that they have to wait for a GM to come on. Sometimes it's a long time before one comes on, and they often log off before that. I would help them so they wouldn't have to wait. I also have a sense of humor, and people love GMs with a sense of humor rabbit
What I'd do as a GM:
Nothing too crazy. I don't expect to join as a staff member, since I have pretty much no skill in coding/mapping/iconing or anything. I'd try to do things like help the players, and prevent flame wars. I could offer a few tips, but don't think I'm going to ask you to completely change the game. I'd probably just recommend things like an auto-AFK sign that comes after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Former experience:
I have been in a GM guild in another DBZ game, and I didn't get full privileges but I did get some things like temporary mute, reboot ect. I didn't abuse my power at all, and I didn't do anything to harm the game. I've also played a number of DBZ games, going from the usual elysium rips to DBTC and DBHU and other things like that. I'm GM level 2 in Bleach unleashed bankai.
Things I know from this game:
I know the majority of the GMs and I know all the rules you can find without spending an hour looking. I also read through the entire guide, not saying I'd be able to recite it from memory. I also know most of the well known players such as BVX, Gokhan, GT, ect.
Some Advantages:
There are a few advantages that I'd be helpful at in this game. Where I live, people are most often active during late night and early morning. But that also includes GMs, so I wouldn't be needed. But there are always a few people on while I'm on, and if any of them need GM assistance, I could be helping them.
Other stuff:
I have 3 keys, Neojaden, Flashbomb7, and Dragonhunta21. I doubt I'll be going on the last one at all though. Also, if by chance I do get in, I'm going to need a basic introduction to any of the verbs that aren't completely obvious. I'm not going to ask for something like a level 5 GM, I probably just want to be level 1 or 2. But that's mainly it for my app. Thanks for reading! Also, if this is being noticed, I'd like to say one thing. Over Winter Break, I might not get on because I'm going to vacation in Florida. I know some apps aren't accepted because the applicants aren't very active, so I'll just like to let you know this ahead of time.
geek Razz Razz Razz Very Happy rabbit


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