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Post  BlackZX on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:43 am

This is my GM App i hope you like it Very Happy
1st.Key is use the most is Lordzx
2nd my in game nick is BlackZX
3rd I'm 16 :3 lol
4th reason i wanna be a gm cuz i help and will continue to help people about locations how to get something I'm very active, i wanna stop spammers ppl who post links to other game or talks bad :3
5th i have lot gm experience i know all i need to know i dont abuse or help people with gm tabs and i dont revive if not necessary. (i hope i spelled that one right xD)
6th i know I'm a cry baby sometimes but hey umm hey? lol but i hope you like me :3
7th itachi if you ever read this here's a hug lol -hugs itachi-
8th ty for your time i hope i didn't waste it
lol! bye
By: BlackZX


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MY GM App :3 Empty Re: MY GM App :3

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