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GM application for KiKster Empty GM application for KiKster

Post  KiKster on Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:35 am

Full name : Christian
Key : KiKster
ingame name : KiKster, KiK, KiKer
Age : 16
Location : Europe,Latvia
Rank of GM to get : I think you should decide what would be the best for me after reading this, but usually i like to start from the lowest, and then get promotions, if Owner is satisfied with me.

GM experience : I am really nice gm, never abuse powers,I don't boost people, nor self,and i don't rank up my self if i don't have the requirements, or someone else but surely i don't boost my self, cuz its more fun to get stronger by your self ,i have been lot of times a Admin, Head admin, enforcer, co-owner, staff council,When im Co-owner i don't give ranks without owner permission and i have hosted a Bleach game,and i am aware of all gm, player rules...

Information : When a player isn't polite or disobeying the rules, i don't mute him or boot, or ban at the beginning but i have following ways : 1st - Warning, 2nd - Mute, 3rd - boot, 4th - ipban 24 hours. My main priority is too that there is order in game, that players are happy and everyone feels comfortable. I don't get conflicts with other players or GM's normally.

Why should you pick me : Well i won't beg you to give me GM, i just think you wouldn't be discontent with my work,Normaly people are satisfied with my work , im online really often, but i can guarantee that i will help people,that i won't slack off, and i won't let you down, thanks for attention...

About me : Im friendly, i study in High school, im not a nerd,and i don't get highest grades, i live with mom and dad.I have lots of friends, my favorite sport is soccer i play it too. I smoke and drink alcohol, but im not crazy about alcohol i like to drink with my friends , sometimes with parents and that much. Im not a sportist, though, but i like to sometimes play soccer. I have a pet cat, his name is Freddy xD. i like spending time with friends, sitting over computer, sometimes i read news about world in internet, most of the time i play byond games, im single at the moment, well that would be it! ( most important things ) =]


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